Property and Building Maintenance

The City of Paris prohibits the accumulation of grass, weeds, motor vehicles, dead trees, abandoned or inoperable appliances, pools of water, trash, debris or other scrap or salvage material which shall threaten or endanger the public health, safety or welfare so as to constitute a nuisance. The owner, occupant, tenant, or agent or designee of any owner or occupant of said premises where the violations occur shall be jointly and severally liable for any such violations.

The City of Paris has adopted regulations for the maintenance of property within the corporate limits. Following is a brief description of violations.

Grass and Weeds

No owner of any lot, place or area within the City, or the agent of such owner, shall permit any developed lot, place or area, or any undeveloped lot, place or area within one hundred fifty (150) feet of any street, residential, or commercial property, any weeds or grass of height in excess of twelve inches.

Premises to be kept clean

All persons, firms and corporations within the corporate limits of the City of Paris are required to keep their premises in a clean and sanitary condition, free from accumulations of refuse, offal, filth and trash.

Dead tree

Any tree which is dead and located closer than a distance equal to or less than its own height plus ten feet from the nearest adjoining property line is prohibited within the corporate limits of the City of Paris.

Motor vehicle

It shall be unlawful to have on any premise any automobile or any other motor vehicle manufactured for transportation which is incapable of being self-propelled upon the public streets or which does not meet the requirements for operation on the public streets, including current licenses and registration vehicle.

Storage of Abandoned Appliances

Storage of any abandoned appliance is prohibited.

Dilapidated buildings

It shall be unlawful for any person owning or controlling real property within the corporate limits to maintain or permit to exist on such property any building or structure which is in a dilapidated or unsafe condition.