At present, the Paris Fire Department has a working force of twenty-four paid and four paid-on call firefighters whose duties are saving lives and protecting property for the citizens of Paris.

The Paris Fire Department has two stations within the City of Paris.
Station 1 ( headquarters) is located in City Hall at 100 N. Caldwell St. and Station 2 is located at 301 Tyson Ave.

Headquarters can be reached for non-emergency at 731-642-1413.
If you have an emergency, dial 911.


-Fire Protection
-Fire Inspections
-Emergency Preparedness
-Arson Investigation


Fire Chief: Michael Williams
Fire Marshall: Chuck Wade
Assistant Chief: Jeff Hamlin; Randall Jones
Captains: Chris Mustain; Barry Farmer
Lieutenants: Michael Long, Richard Bomar, Johnny Henderson, Chris Fletcher,
Greg Andrews and Fred Reed
Firefighter/Driver: Walt Petty, Craig Atkins, David Harrison, and Jason Osbron
Firefighter: Roger Clendenin, Jason Kennon, Brandon Bell, Justin Hughes, Jason McCord, John Roaten, James Hinson, and T.C. Myrick

Paid-on-Call: Vic Mallard and Ron Watkins


City Hall
100 North Caldwell Avenue/ PO Box 970
Paris, TN 38242
731-642-1413 (phone)
911 (Emergency)