Fire Safety Trailer

The department’s Fire Safety Trailer is a valuable educational tool used to teach children and adults about fire safety and burn prevention. The Fire Safety Trailer is a downsized version of a two-story house on a trailer. The house has a living room with fireplace, kitchen and control room with 2-way communication for 911 calls on the first level, and a bedroom on the second level. It is equipped with a non-toxic smoke machine, smoke detectors, a heated door, a propane operated range, a microwave, a portable fire extinguisher and runs off 110 electric service or generator allowing setup anywhere. Fire escape skills are taught to Children and adults by calling 911, interacting with the operator and how to successfully exit a burning home through 2 ways out of every level. The Fire Safety Trailer can be scheduled for events by phoning the Paris Fire Department Business Office.

Station Tours

Station tours are set up all during the year. During these tours, safety lessons are taught through instruction and by watching fire prevention and safety video’s. Children get a first hand look at fire engines, hear the sirens, and much more. Children receive plastic fire helmets, badges, pencils, rulers, crayons, and fire safety pamphlets geared to their age levels to carry home. These tours help children see firefighters in full turnout gear as their friends.

Public Events

The Paris Fire Department also participates in several public events for adults. Some examples are Non- Profit organization talks and displays, provide in-service to assisted living and health care staff, also In-service for some businesses when asked. These events provide opportunities to educate individuals on fire safety and evacuation. Fire Safety brochures and pamphlets are given out and various questions are answered.

The Paris Fire Department are active members of the Tennessee Public Fire and Life Safety Educators Association which has a common goal.