The city of Paris picks up brush four times a year. (January, April, July and October) but will also pick up after any major storm.

Brush pick-up is a call-in service with one pick-up per household each cycle.

The city will not pick up any refuse from construction, demolition or repairs.

No sections of brush shall be longer than 10 feet. Keep brush and leaves separated.

Brush shall be placed within 10 feet of the curb, not on the sidewalks or in streets. Brush is not to be placed in any ditches that could stop water flow.

Leaf Pickup

Leaf pick-up for the city begins November 1st and ends
March 31st.

Leaf pick-up is a call-in service. Keep leaves and brush separated.

Leaves should be placed as close to the curb and gutter without blocking the sidewalk and stopping up the drainage ditches.

Leaves may also be bagged and placed at the curb. We will pick-up a maximum of 10 bags of leaves with your regular garbage pick-up.