Determining Whether a Permit is Required



Permit Information

The Building Inspector conducts inspections on all residential and commercial construction projects inside the city limits.
The City of Paris has adopted the 2012 International Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, and Existing Building Codes.  The Paris Fire Dept. has adopted the 2006 NFPA with Life Safety 101 for Fire Protection Codes. (See Codes Adopted)

The Board of Public Utilities handles all Electrical inspections and currently enforces the 2008 National Electric Code.

Building Permits are required to:

  • Construct a building
  • Alter or remodel a building (interior or exterior)
  • Repair a building
  • Move a building
  • Demolish a building
  • Change the occupancy of a building
  • Adding or replacing a deck (over 200sf)
  • Building or placing an accessory building (over 200sf) on your property


Mechanical Permits are required to:

  • Add or replace HVAC equipment
  • Add or replace a gas water heater
  • Add,  modify, or replace gas piping
  • Add, modify, or replace a commercial exhaust hood (kitchen, paint booth, etc.)


Plumbing Permits are required to:

  • Add or move plumbing fixtures
  • Modify or replace waste drainage system (Galvanized to PVC, etc.)
  • Modify or replace water distribution system (copper to PEX, etc.)
  • Sewer connection


Electrical Permits:

  • All Electrical Inspections are scheduled thru the BPU and conducted by a State Electrical Inspector


Yard Sale Registration:

  • Yard Sales are required to be registered (No Fee)
  • Sale can run for maximum of 4 consecutive days
  • Allowed 4 sales in 12 month period

If a project is in excess of $25,000, a Tennessee Contractor’s License and proof of Workers Compensation Insurance are required.

Please review the Minimum Building Permit Requirements for additional information required before applying for a building permit.
For Permit and related fees please review the Fee Schedule.

*An owner may act as general contractor to build his own residence to live in (1 house every 2 years).
Permit and Insurance requirements still apply.